Why Choose Charming Tattoo to be First Supplier?

Why Choose Charming Tattoo to be First Supplier?

Why Choose Charming Tattoo to be First Supplier?
Why Choose Charming Tattoo as First Supplier


If you want more information, we can have a video call via WhatsApp or Skype. The following is general information.

On the website you can find the products that you might need for PMU and microblading. If you want to browse our catalog - please visit our website www.charmingtattooshop.com.

We have two different options for the amount of order:

- wholesale with our brand logo or no logo

-customization with your logo

To place an order just send us the item number and quantity of the required products or enter the quantity into the Excel file and send it back as an order list. Please send the inquiry to get the catalog for bulk sale.

If you want more photos, please let us know. We can send you more pictures and real-time videos via WhatsApp/Wechat +86 13660245652


You can send money by different methods:

- to our bank account (from your company to our company)

- via Western Union (from you as a person to us as a person)

- via PayPal (you can pay as a person with your credit/debit card)

Payment plan

50% deposit before production

50% before shipping

Period of production

If the item is out of stock or do your private label then production time is up to 15-30 days


Shipment details depend on the amount of order. Our price is ExWork (in other words, factory price, not including shipping and customs clearance. Usually, we ship large orders by sea which takes about 30-35 days. For small orders, we suggest shipping with DHL or FedEx. It takes about 7-10 days. The cost depends on the chargeable weight of the package (the higher number between the gross weight and volume weight). Usually, it is about 60-70 CNY per kg.


Usually, we send samples from our warehouse in China.


You can check info about us with our global partners and ask them about our reliability:

Instagram accounts:







Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/charmingtattoofactory

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/charmingtattoofactory