Charming Tattoo Company's 19th Annual Meeting

Charming Tattoo Company's 19th Annual Meeting


Every year Charming Tattoo will have a grand banquet. It is held to say goodbye to the past year and to condolence for the hard work. Looking forward to the future. Quality first is our promise to customers.

Charming Tattoo Company's 19th Annual Meeting
Since 2002, Charming Tattoo company has been in pmu and microblading industry. It comes to its 20th birthday.

To say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, and to express our feelings, we keep the tradition of the annual meeting and party.

In the intense and orderly work, we have spent an extraordinary year. With the joint efforts of all employees, we have made great efforts in safety production, asset management, efficiency improvement and spiritual courtesy construction with full spirit. Dynamic work attitude and solid work style have helped us achieve good results. The achievements, especially after the solid and powerful marketing work, made the annual sales increase steadily. This is something we are gratified and proud of.

All employees fully carry forward the tenacious fighting spirit, with a high sense of ownership and responsibility, we have made our due contributions to the smooth completion of work tasks throughout the year.

Looking forward to 2022, we are full of the confidence to win and the strength to forge ahead. With the deepening of the reform of the power system, our business has entered a new stage of development. In this era of coexistence of challenges and opportunities, learning, competition and hard work have become the main theme of our existence. In the new year, we must be full of vigor to deal with our future, guided by the enterprise spirit of "integrity, devotion to work, and forge ahead", and by adhering to the work idea of ​​"high efficiency, high quality and high yield" , so that on the big stage of permanent makeup microblading, our potential can be released, our ability can be recognized, our personality can be displayed, and we will create a new glory in 2022!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We will work hard in the new year, and our future will be even brighter! Thanks for the support and love of new and old customers over the past 20 years, we will continue to maintain this original intention to provide you with high-quality products and efficient service.

I wish you a happy New Year, good health, a happy family, and all your wishes come true!