How to Choose a Professional Permanent Makeup Machine?

How to Choose a Professional Permanent Makeup Machine?


A good make-up machine also allows you to work faster and more conveniently, reducing fatigue for both the owner and the client. That's why we recommend focusing on modern rotor equipment - they are reliable, effective, and have a variety of options to facilitate the owner's work.

How to Choose a Professional Permanent Makeup Machine?
Permanent makeup machines can be divided into two categories. The first is a machine with a simple and raw needle stroke. These devices have surpassed their tattoo analogs, but don't provide the necessary accuracy to properly place pigments on facial skin. Overly simple machines are cheap and usually bought by beginners who want to save money.

The truth is that even experienced gurus have a hard time working on such devices. Some older, more experienced masters use induction machines designed for thick skin tattoos. However, these devices are too crude for the task of permanent makeup routines. The reason is that facial skin and body skin are structured differently, just like heaven and earth.

Therefore, whether you are a beginner or a practicing master who cares about his client and wants to do a high-quality tattoo, we recommend focusing on the latest generation of rotary devices. They guarantee the safety, quality, convenience, and confidence of hosts and clients!

Why do you need a rotating machine?

Believe that experienced masters can use absolutely any equipment. But will he do it? Professionals are fully aware that the quality of the work tool is largely responsible for the excellent outcome of the procedure. A good make-up machine also allows you to work faster and more conveniently, reducing fatigue for both the owner and the client. That's why we recommend focusing on modern rotor equipment - they are reliable, effective, and have a variety of options to facilitate the owner's work.

The main advantage of the latest generation of rotating machines is the absence of vibration. There is no lateral vibration of the needle due to the built-in shock absorption system. Therefore, the needle enters the skin accurately, minimizing skin trauma. Thanks to this feature, even beginners can hardly make mistakes while working.

The client doesn't get the dreaded scab over the healing process due to minor trauma, he only notices a slight peeling of the skin. Such machines allow the master to create perfectly precise lines, draw the best "hair", perform any delicate work, and effectively treat scarred tissue.


Using cartridge or needle nozzle systems in the latest equipment, all consumables that come into contact with the customer's skin are single-use! Some models with a "needle mouth" system have a special built-in membrane. It does not allow lymph and pigment to enter the body of the device. Therefore, the owner only sterilizes the maniple on the outside, and the inside is kept a priori sterile. This is convenient and profitable because you don't have to buy an expensive sterilizer. In addition, the cap design of the needle system in the latest equipment allows us to significantly reduce the consumption of pigments, thus saving pigments.

The wide frequency range of the needle reciprocation allows the selection of the desired needle speed for each area of the facial skin, as well as the use of the latest technology. This feature is often referred to as speed, but in reality, it reflects the device's ability to perform the desired number of skin penetrations per second. The acceptable frequency range is approximately 70-150 punctures. If it is lower, the quality and speed of the work will be reduced. A much higher ratio increases the likelihood of excessive skin trauma and prevents maximal infusion of pigment into the skin.


Speaking of the power of any device, I suggest you imagine what it's like to swap your cheap compact for a muscle car. This is a very important parameter because even within the surface of the lips, for example, there are areas of varying density - scarring, areas of recurring herpes, etc. We must choose the right force that will effectively overcome the resistance skin without increasing the force of the needle pressure. With all this, the powerful permanent makeup machine does not damage the epidermal area, its structure is already specific (just like a tattoo machine). It is a high-power permanent makeup device that allows you to instantly adapt to any technique and any type of skin.

Needle immersion depth control function

It's just a panacea for beginners. With the help of these machines, injecting the pigment to the desired depth becomes easy and simple. No need to worry about over-penetration - the device has full control over the process. Even with hyperactive work, the device has gentle movements, no edema, and the highest rate of pigment survival.

Weight and some joysticks and manipulators

Equipment manufacturers take care of the ease of work. Modern joysticks are made of lightweight but durable alloys that are ergonomic and almost weightless, so even at the end of the day, the owner's hands won't get tired. Coupled with the absence of reciprocating oscillating motion, it protects the joints and ensures comfortable work throughout the working day. Some professional permanent makeup machines offer the connection of an additional manipulator, which makes it possible to use multiple types of needles and pigment shades simultaneously.

Convenient control system and maneuverability

Modern devices have comfortable touch panels that optimize program control.

It seems that the presence of all of the above features should be reflected in the dimensions of the device. but not! All modern equipment is compact and lightweight. There are even special tiny devices the size of a tablet or smartphone that allow hosts to organize live receptions.

It's definitely logical that the more features a machine has, the higher the price. At the same time, the cost is also an indicator of quality and hygiene characteristics. If you plan to buy a permanent makeup machine, please contact us.

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