Introduction to Microblade Tools and Equipment

Introduction to Microblade Tools and Equipment


Interested in microblading but don't know what tool you need? This guide will cover the different microblade tools and equipment, from beginner tools to advanced digital devices.

Introduction to Microblade Tools and Equipment
Interested in microblading but don't know what tool you need?

This guide will cover the different microblade tools and equipment, from beginner tools to advanced digital devices.

Tools for application

There are several different tools you can use to insert ink pigments into your client's skin.

1. Hand tools

This hand tool was the first method invented for permanent makeup. It's easy to use, but can be very painful.

Hand tools can cause too much damage to the skin and can cause increased bleeding. Very little pigment also remains on the skin, resulting in more scabs.

2. Rotate

Today, this tool is most commonly used for permanent makeup. The speed of the spinner is 90 to 120 times per second.

Due to the speed, we recommend the use of a rotary table for advanced technicians.

3. Coil

Coils are tattoo machines that allow artists to identify how deep they are in a client's skin by their voice.

We don't recommend using coils for permanent makeup as they create too much noise. They can create an uncomfortable experience, especially when microblading appears on the client's face.

4. Digital machines

The digital permanent makeup machine is the best on the market today. They can easily handle needles at a rate of 100 to 180 times per second.

There are different brands of digital machines. OPM Machine by Organic Permanent Makeup is specially designed for microblading because it is very gentle on the skin.

OPM machines have the following characteristics:

No bleeding

No bruising

Reduce pain

Does not scab

No downtime

The perfect, precise hairstyle


A needle allows you to inject ink into your client's skin. There are different needles, each serving a different purpose.

1. Single needle

Microblading artists use a single needle in the dermis. The needle is thin so it can penetrate deep into the skin.

For hair-like strokes, use a single stitch.

2. Three round needles

Three round needles are used for shaving the eyeliner as they give you thick lines and a nice tail.

3. Four flat stitches

Four flat needles are best for lip microblading.

While these needles contain more pigment, you'll need to finish faster. Otherwise, the lips may start to bleed. The pigment does not stay on the lips either.

Microblade ink pigments

Ink pigments should be diverse enough to make microblade available to customers of all colors and skin types.

These are some properties of organic inks:

Several shades

No harmful chemicals

All natural ingredients

Faster skin absorption

Faster healing time

Does not fade to blue or green like traditional ink pigments

Topical numbing agent

Topical numbing agents enable clients to have a painless microblading experience. Not only that, but microblading is nearly impossible without anesthesia. Without anesthesia, microblading is too painful for clients.

Organic Permanent Makeup's numbing system has two steps: one is to numb the gel before surgery, and one is during surgery.

A two-step system like this ensures that clients experience no pain at all during surgery.

Other important tools

Gloves. Gloves protect you and your customers from microbes. It is important to store more than one type of glove in your practice. A large percentage of people are allergic to latex, so wearing non-latex gloves is essential for customer safety.

Face shield. The mask allows you to move close to the client's face without endangering any of your health. Note that you will need to change gloves and masks for each client you work with.

Proper garbage bags. Safety should be one of your top priorities. Always have enough disposal bags on hand. Always dispose of gloves, face shields and needles separately from normal waste.

The above introduces the tools and equipment of micro blade for you. If you want to buy microblade tools or ink, please contact us.

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Backgroud colour is a cool gray color, suitable for clients who has gray or salt and pepper natural hair.
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