Pigment in Eyebrow Microblades

Pigment in Eyebrow Microblades


One of the most important supplies for microblade is microblading pigments, which determine the color of the result. For best results, always use the highest quality paint.

Pigment in Eyebrow Microblades
When looking for something more lasting than makeup and conditioning their brows, many clients decide to wear permanent makeup. One of the most popular types of permanent makeup is microblading, which refreshes women with just one treatment. The effects of microblading can be maintained for up to 18 months, with an average of about a year. If you're a stylist looking to get into microblading, you'll need a professional set of supplies to provide your clients with high-quality treatments. One of the most important supplies for microblade is microblading pigments, which determine the color of the result. For best results, always use the highest quality microblading pigment.

What are permanent makeup and microblading?

Microblading is one of the most popular ways to provide permanent makeup. Microblading is done using simple-looking microblading pens filled with blades and dipped in paint. Pigments are selected based on the client's individual skin tone and natural hair color to create the most beneficial combination. During the treatment, the microblade pen makes small incisions in the skin into which the pigment is inserted. The method is similar to how a tattoo is created but is only semi-permanent as it wears off in about a year.

For women with fine, difficult-to-control brows, the brow microblade is a great solution. Women with irregular eyebrows can also benefit from this treatment. The effect of microblading is consistent over a long period of time, allowing women to forget about makeup and always be their most glamorous selves. While henna is often considered a good alternative to microblading, it turns out to be much shorter. With microblading, your clients don't have to come back and do it every few weeks.

What do I need to perform microblading?

One of the most important tools you will need during an eyebrow microblading treatment is a microblading pigment. At Charming Tattoo, you'll find a variety of micro pigments for micro shaving, available in a variety of colors. Using these pigments, you will be able to perfectly match the color to the natural color of your client's eyebrows. The color of the pigment always needs to be considered compared to the client's skin tone and natural hair to create the ideal combination of shades.

At Charming Tattoo, we offer a range of base pigments that can be used alone or mixed to create a wider variety of shades. All pigments have a creamy consistency that stays on the brows well without sagging into the eyes. Basic pigments are black, dark brown, dark brown, brown, light brown, dark gray-brown, taupe, skin color, and gray.

How to choose the right microblade pigment?

The choice of microblading pigment is a critical part of the treatment. Your choices will heavily influence the outcome of the treatments, depending on how well they blend in with the client's skin tone and natural hair. Brown Microblade Pigment is one of the most popular choices and should be suitable for most clients, but you should always do a thorough color analysis of each client before starting treatment. Brown pigments also work well when mixed with a bit of grey pigment.

The pigments provided by Charming Tattoo can be used for permanent makeup on the lash line and lips, in addition to the eyebrows. These pigments can be mixed together to achieve unique and unusual color combinations to suit more demanding clients.

What other accessories do the microblade need?

In addition to the microblading pen and microblading paint, you will also need a set of microblading needles for treatment. The needles sold by Charming Tattoo are ready to use right out of the box because they are all sterilized before packaging. There are many types of needles to choose from, and the number of individual needles can be customized. We also offer a variety of microblade pens, some of which are double-sided, allowing you to quickly switch between different types of needles. If you need to buy or customize microblade paint or microblade pen, please contact us.

Charming Tattoo is a professional custom microblade tools and pigment manufacturer. Our R&D engineers have 20 years of experience developing permanent makeup inks and micro-scratch pigments. We have professional production equipment and a 100,000-level dust-free workshop in line with ISO9001 standards. We provide a professional product, packaging, post-design, and professional pigment knowledge support.
Lushcolor Eyebrow Tattoo Microblading Semi-cream Permanent Makeup Pigment Honey Brown Color For Fashion Girl
Yellowish-brown, close with Asian skin, neutralizes color. Suitable for skin white, younger and light hair color fashion girl
Lushcolor Easy Coloring Cool Ash Brown Waterproof Permanent Makeup Micro Pigment
Cool gray color for young age, skin white and gray hair group of customers, adjust the color depth of other degrees
Darkest Black microblading Ink Works with Permanent Makeup Machine for Eyeliner
The good quality of microblading pigment for eyeliner tattoo makes the client’s liner stay black for long.
Lushcolor Cream Skin Mixing Color Microblading Tattoo Permanent Makeup Pigments
A colorless, used to adjust the darkness of other colors, suitable for brow and lip coverage