14 Must-have Items in Your Microblading Kit

14 Must-have Items in Your Microblading Kit


To excel at microblading, you will need some basic items to help you on your journey. Here are some top picks for your microblade kit.

14 Must-have Items in Your Microblading Kit
Microblading Kit
As you probably already know, the key to success in this business is simple - practice as hard as you can to excel at microblading. To do this, you will need some basic items to help you on your journey. Here are some top picks for your microblade kit:

There is no microblade without a blade, so this is definitely the device you should invest in. Microblades not only make micro-incisions on the surface of the skin but also insert pigments into them, so invest in the best you can find microblades. They are an extension of your hand and your primary tool, so choose well.

Measuring calipers - the star of your microblade kit

This useful tool is used for precise eyebrow measurement. With it, you can find the perfect symmetry between your brows and create the ideal brow shape.

Microblade pigments

Another key ingredient in the microblading process is pigment. Make sure to give yourself a variety of color combinations that match different skin tones. This will make or break the final look, so choose wisely and invest in high-quality pigments that will prolong the life of your client's brows.

Universal bracket

The purpose of the Universal Holder is to hold the Micro Blade, and as the name suggests, it can fit any blade, so it's a must-have in your Micro Blade kit. It's your primary tool for creating micro-incisions on the surface of the skin, so choose a top-notch tool with a long lifespan. Also, consider the material - it should be sterilizable and lightweight so you can use it easily.

Marker pen

A marker or pencil is used to draw the shape of the eyebrows before treatment. An absolute must as it gives you and your clients ideas about their future brow shape. When choosing your pen, take care to choose one that's precise, long-lasting, and won't smudge.

Paint mixer

To make your life easier, buy this handy tool that lets you mix paint with ease. Although there are many colors to choose from, in every case you have to mix paints to get the perfect color. This machine can help you by mixing quickly and perfectly.

Pigment ring

Pigment rings are another must-have in your microblade kit. The plastic ring is worn on your finger and is filled with paint. This will help you speed up the process, so make sure to buy a lot of these.

Numbing cream

Numbing cream should be a key element in your microblading process if you want your clients to feel comfortable during the treatment. These ointments are lidocaine based so there is no need to worry as this medication is used to numb the tissue in a specific area and is very safe. Anesthetics will reduce unpleasant sensations during pigment application, providing only a tingling sensation to your client.

Barrier film

Not required, but great help. To be used in combination with numbing cream, place a barrier film over the cream-covered brow area. The purpose is to increase the absorption of the numbing cream and reduce the time it takes for the cream to work.

Face mask

When in such close proximity to another person, a mask is an absolute must. Not only do they prevent you from breathing on your clients while you are at work, but they also reduce the chance of potential infection.


Similar to masks, gloves are a necessity for the industry. Since the tools you use can cause bleeding, you should make sure to wear gloves at all times, for you and your clients. Also, choose latex-free as you never know if your client is allergic to latex.

Disinfectant wipes

Preferably alcohol-free to avoid irritation, these wipes can be used on your client's face to wipe off eyebrow pencil and their makeup or to help keep the workplace clean. Have a ton of them because you're going to need them.

Alcohol pad

Used to cleanse the skin prior to the scraping process, alcohol pads kill as many bacteria as possible and reduce the risk of infection. Never skip this step to avoid any unnecessary complications.

Scissors and tweezers

You're working on your brows, so these gadgets must always be in your microblade kit. If you need to groom your brows for the best look, you'll find them useful when preparing your brows for treatment and after micro-shaving.

It's a tough call, but these are our top picks among many useful tools to help you build your business and make you a true professional. From essentials to some useful tools, we've selected the tools that will really help you and get you great results. If you want to buy microblade tools, welcome to contact us.

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