Brow Tattoos – A New Era of Brow Enhancement

Brow Tattoos – A New Era of Brow Enhancement


Tattooed eyebrows are different from traditional body tattoos. They are not permanent and use different pigments. Let's discuss the most frequently asked questions about eyebrow tattoos.

Brow Tattoos – A New Era of Brow Enhancement
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A popular way to shorten your morning routine and always look great is to get an eyebrow tattoo. Today, tattooed eyebrows are different from traditional body tattoos. They are not permanent, use different pigments, and have a variety of options to choose from.

Let's discuss the most frequently asked questions about eyebrow tattoos.

What is eyebrow tattooing?

The answer is simple - it's a tattoo on your eyebrows, designed to help those with sparse, irregular or no eyebrows get the look they want.

We can differentiate between permanent and semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos.

Permanent eyebrow tattoo

Done in the traditional way, using tattoo ink and machines, it goes deep under the skin and stays there forever. Unfortunately, it usually changes color after a few years, especially when exposed to sunlight.

This technique is rarely used and is being completely replaced by semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos.

Eyebrow tattoo

These eyebrow tattoos are an upgraded version of traditional eyebrow tattoos. They can be done using hand tools or machines. They are also known as eyebrow permanent makeup. They use pigments inserted into the dermis, just like traditional eyebrow tattoos.

Body tattoo pigments bind to iron molecules in our bloodstream and can last a lifetime. Cosmetic pigments are meant to be broken down and absorbed by the body. It only lasts about 2 years depending on the skin type.

What kind of cosmetic eyebrow tattoo treatments are there?

New semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo treatments are popping up all the time, but microblading remains the most popular.

People are always asking about the difference between eyebrow tattoos and microblading, and some permanent makeup artists say that microblading is not a tattoo. However, it would be more correct to say that the microblades are actually a type of tattoo.

Here are the most popular eyebrow tattoos right now:


Mimics hair strokes look natural and last up to 2 years, the microblading is done with microblading tools. Different techniques have been developed to create feathered and fluffy effects or to create ultra-realistic eyebrows.

Powder ombre brows

Pink eyebrow tattoos give a fuller powdery effect. Machine-done, suitable for all skin types and lasts up to 2 years.

Nano eyebrows

Similar to the microblade, nano-tattooed eyebrows are done by machine but look natural because strokes are drawn instead of shadows. They last about the same, if not longer than microblades.

Micro shadow

When a client requests brows with a makeup effect, it is often added after the microblade, creating a combination brow. This treatment uses a hand or power tool with a needle to create tiny needle-like dots in a gradient pattern to create a powder effect.

The above briefly introduces several ways to tattoo eyebrows. The most popular method is micro-blade. If you want to buy micro-blade tools and paints, please contact us.

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