What's in Your Microblade Pigment?

What's in Your Microblade Pigment?


Microblading is a semi-permanent solution that involves inserting pigment into the skin. Therefore, microblading paint should only be done by trained professionals who understand it.

What's in Your Microblade Pigment?
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Our eyebrows are an important part of our face. In addition to protecting our eyes from dust, dirt, and sweat, our eyebrows are also important for emotional expression. They also build our faces and help with facial recognition. But not everyone is lucky enough to have clear, natural eyebrows. This is why microblading is quickly becoming a beauty care demand.

Microblading is a semi-permanent solution that involves inserting pigment into the skin. Therefore, it should only be done by trained professionals who understand the quality of their products, especially the microblade pigments used. Additionally, manufacturers should demonstrate that their formulations are safe to use.

What Are Microblading Pigments Made Of?

Microblading pigments are made from colorants and carriers. Colorants are those that provide pigment color. The carrier, usually the inactive ingredient, is the transport agent that helps the color apply to the skin. The carrier can be glycerin, alcohol, witch hazel, and the like.

But today, inferior pigments flood the market. These pigments contain metals or compounds such as titanium dioxide or iron oxide. Manufacturers often mix them together to keep costs down. But it's a big health risk for consumers. There may be adverse reactions or harmful long-term effects for those who have finished microblading with these questionable pigments. However, some brands, like Charming Tattoo, are producing organic/inorganic pigments. Organic uses fruit or vegetable-based pigments. They even last longer and look more natural than inorganics containing iron oxide, and when you combine them, you get the best of both.

Know Your Microblading Pigments

Whether you are someone who has surgery or someone who does it, make sure you know about microblade pigments. However, information may be very limited or rarely shared. This makes it difficult for customers and beauticians to make informed decisions about their pigment choices. 

Still, it's not uncommon for agencies like the FDA to issue safety warnings about cosmetics. This includes microblade pigments. Some of these may be due to contamination or contain ingredients that cause harmful reactions and should be avoided. So it's best to heed the warnings and learn as much as possible about the pigments you'll be using.

Our Favorite Microblade Pigments

Charming Tattoo, one of the big names in microblading, has developed a new formulation for their pigments to improve their safety. Their pigments are made from pure plant materials and contain no metal components. This means they cannot react with the skin. As a result, the body does not recognize them as foreign objects. This way, there is no risk of adverse effects such as itching, thickening, peeling, or any other side effects. Additionally, it reduces the chance of negative interactions between pigment and skin. Charming Tattoo also guarantees that this pigment will not change color over time, compared to other pigments that change after healing. If you want to buy microblade pigments, welcome to contact us.

Charming Tattoo is a professional custom microblade tools and pigment manufacturer. Our R&D engineers have 20 years of experience developing permanent makeup inks and micro-scratch pigments. We have professional production equipment and a 100,000-level dust-free workshop in line with ISO9001 standards. We provide a professional product, packaging, post-design, and professional pigment knowledge support.