Microblades VS PMU - Color Choices

Microblades VS PMU - Color Choices


Below we explore the world of pigmentation and compare Microblading to PMU when making color choices. Here are a few key factors to consider when choosing colors for your clients.

Microblades VS PMU - Color Choices
microblading vs pmu
microblading vs pmu
Below we explore the world of pigmentation and compare microblading pigment to PMU  pigment when making color choices. Here are a few key factors to consider when choosing colors for your clients:
When Choosing the Right Pigment Shade for Your Client, Consider the Technique You Are Performing and the Desired End Result

When choosing a pigment color for a permanent makeup (PMU) procedure, it is important to consider the technique you will be performing. Pigment color charts often recommend some preferred colors for a particular client type, such as light neutrals or gray tones for blondes, or rich, rich browns for brunettes, etc. This provides a little guidance for the therapist, but it is crucial to consider the long-term results you want to achieve for your client and choose the color based on the desired end result.

Haircuts will always look more realistic and vibrant if done with warmer tones, while cooler pigmented shades will make them appear more intense but less dimensional. Neutral or cool shades are great for contrast and definition, so this is a great choice for bold ombré brows. You also can never forget your client's skin type. If your skin is dry and dehydrated, mature, thin, freckled, or showing signs of redness, a warmer to neutral pigmented color is your best option to ensure good healing.

Pigment Color + Client Skin Tone + Technology = Final Result
Depending on the Size and Type of Blade You Use (microblade Vs Nano Blade), the Color Intensity of the Same Pigment Shade May Vary

One pigment color has the potential to produce many different results on the same client. When you use the micro blade, the same color may look brighter or darker depending on the blade you choose for your surgery, even some of the strongest pigment colors will look if you are using the nanoblade (0.15). Brighter and softer because the nanoblade makes very fine incisions in the skin, so less pigment can be implanted into the skin.

If you're using a classic (0.18) or thicker (0.20+) blade, the intensity of the color will be more pronounced because a wider incision is created and more pigment is delivered to the skin, providing a more pronounced and deeper color result. You should always adjust the pigment strength based on the type of blade you will be using.

Same Paint Color + Different Blade = Different End Result

Be Aware of the Healing Process when Choosing the Right Pigment Shade

When performing ombre brows, you scrape the top layer of skin from the surface to create a dusty, diffused soft look. At the end of the procedure, a lot of pigment is left on the damaged skin, making it look very dense, but when the brows heal, the end result is softer and about 50% lighter in color. It's important to keep this in mind when choosing paint colors for surgery, and it's a good idea to always tone down a shade or two in anticipation of paint fading.

If the pigment is diluted, the end result will be less visible

Another important factor to consider is that for all coloring work with the equipment, many times the artist will dilute the paint with a clear solution. The pigment diluent itself doesn't change the color, but it reduces its potency and its impact on the skin, so the more you dilute the pigment, the less noticeable the final effect will be.

The above briefly introduces some precautions for the color selection of microblade and PMUs. If you want to buy tools or paints for microblade and PMUs, please contact us.

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