Essential Microblading Tools and Products for Starting a Business

Essential Microblading Tools and Products for Starting a Business


While there are many microblading tools on the market, to help you complement your microblading tool kit, here is a list of the microblading products you will need to start your microblading business.

Essential Microblading Tools and Products for Starting a Business
The formula for creating a successful microblading business is simple. All you need is to be very, very good at microblading. It takes a lot of work and practice. The second part of the equation is to stand out by providing high-quality service. When it comes to how good the end result is, it depends not only on your technique but also on the microblading tools and products you use. But before you start spending money on accessories, you need to shop for the essentials first. These will form the basis of your career as a trusted permanent makeup specialist.

Although there are so many micro-blading tools on the market, it can be difficult for new artists to determine the absolute musts. So, to help you supplement your micro blading toolkit, here is a list of the essential microblading tools and products you will actually need to start your microblading business.

As a student in on-site microblading training, you will learn how to do it manually. During this practice, the tools you use become extensions of your hands. After all, they're one of the first things a student learns about when they first unwrap a microblading kit.

The standard gear consists of a high-quality universal bracket and a divider of the golden ratio. These are the base items for all microblading treatments.

As the name suggests, the universal holder is responsible for holding the microblade in place. It is the primary tool for creating micro-incisions on the surface of the skin. Depending on your technique, you can choose one of two versions: the classic tool and the eccentric tool. While each brace has a long lifespan (over 1000 treatments), professionals often invest in two at once due to the importance of this item.

Golden ratio protractors, on the other hand, measure the size and shape of eyebrows based on the client's unique facial structure. While there are several apps that can do the same job, they're either not as reliable or as precise as the divider itself.

In addition to these two, you should also consider purchasing a paint mixer, markers or pencils, and a good pair of scissors and tweezers. These may not be as important but are still a worthwhile investment when it comes to "must-have" microblading tools and products.

When starting a career, an entrepreneurial mindset is an important part of microblading success. That's why having a ready supply of quality microblading pigments will be an important part of your business.

Depending on the density of the liquid, one bottle of paint can treat up to 50 clients. This feature also affects how long pigments remain in the skin, which can determine customer satisfaction.

Of all the paints available (there are over 15 to choose from), the basic paints that you absolutely must have are red, yellow, black, and brown. The first three pigments form the basis of the microblading color theory, with brown at its center. It's also the most commonly used microblading pigment and can be applied to virtually any brow, regardless of the client's hair color.


There is no micro blading without micro blading. This is how the beauty treatment got its name, without which the artist cannot even begin the procedure.

Microblading serves a dual purpose of making micro-incisions in the top layer of skin while simultaneously injecting pigment into it. The number of tips on each blade determines the width of the hair-like strokes, while the amount of pressure determines the depth of the cut.

Before microblading revolutionized brow treatment by creating blades made just for microblading, permanent makeup professionals relied on tattoo tools. However, each eyebrow of each client is unique and today it is imperative to have blades of various sizes (ie number of needle tips) in order to microblade any type of eyebrow.

You'll want to have a decent number of blade types, including U-shaped blades, round blades, and double flat blades. All three serve different purposes but are all responsible for achieving the best results and making brows look natural.

Microblading During and Aftercare

Finally, you need to invest in the necessary microblading sessions and care products. These microblading products make the entire treatment an enjoyable and painless experience for the client as safe consistency is the number one priority.

When it comes to essential products for your procedure, you should look to get microblading pain relief anesthesia, primer, and antiseptic wipes. The first includes a formula that numbs the skin around the eyebrows and makes incisions in the skin, while other products ensure the skin is thoroughly sanitized before the procedure.

Aftercare, on the other hand, is all about making sure the incision doesn't become infected and that the pigment stays in place until it settles. These products promote skin recovery and help protect the protective barrier by preventing dry skin. Essential aftercare products include Skin Candy Protector or Anti-Shock Aftercare Cream.

Invest in Microblading Tools and Products for Success

No matter how much time and money you invest in finding the right microblading tools and products, you will ensure the success of your business. It's always better to invest in quality, but you should always keep an eye on your inventory and restock when necessary. If you are considering purchasing microblading tools or microblading inks for your business, please contact us.

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