How to Choose the Best PMU Needle Cartridges?

How to Choose the Best PMU Needle Cartridges?


There is a growing selection of PMU syringes available almost every day. Understanding the basic features offered by PMU cartridges can help you make the most informed purchasing decision.

How to Choose the Best PMU Needle Cartridges?
PMU Needle Cartridges
There is a growing selection of PMU needle cartridges available almost every day. Not only are there more and more manufacturers of permanent vanity case needles, but there are so many types and sizes of PMU cases that it can be overwhelming. Understanding the basic features offered by PMU cartridges can help you make the most informed purchasing decision.

What Are the Different Types of PMU Needle Cartridges?

Circular Liners - Circular liner PMU cartridges have needles grouped in circles. These needles come together and are great for creating lines and outlining. This type of PMU cartridge is available in a variety of lengths, gauges, and gauges, allowing you to choose the best combination for the task at hand based on the results you want, including line thickness and ink flow.

Circle Shader - The Circle Shader PMU cartridge is similar to the circle liner cartridge in that the needles are also grouped in circles. However, the space between each needle is much larger. This makes them great for creating thicker lines or for coloring exactly what their name suggests. These also come in a variety of lengths, stitch counts, and gauges. With shaders, the number of needles available and the diameter of the needles are higher.

Magnum - Magnum PMU cartridges are, as the name suggests, larger. The needles are arranged in two rows with more needles and larger diameters than other PMU needle cartridges. This makes them ideal for filling larger areas without having to make as many passes. Magnum PMU cartridges are great for packing and mixing colors.

The Most Important Practical Function of the PMU Cartridge

Once you know exactly which PMU cartridge type you want to buy, it's also important to compare the features that can set certain brands apart from the competition. You should be looking for answers to these questions about PMU needle cartridges:

Are PMU Needle Cartridges Pre-sterilized?

There are undoubtedly some risks with color makeup. Taking proper safety precautions, including using only sterile PMU needle cartridges, is a no-brainer for any reputable artist. Purchasing pre-sterilized and individually sealed PMU cartridges reduce the risk to the customer and thus the chance of the artist getting caught in hot water. Always make sure your PMU needle cartridges come in their own individual packaging labeled "sterile" with a lot number and an expiration date on it.

Keeping this information for your records will help you report problems in the unlikely event that they do arise.

Each Charming Tattoo PMU cartridge is sterile and individually wrapped to ensure maximum safety for your customers.

Is the PMU Needle Cartridges You Selected Compatible with Your Machine?

A PMU machine is one of the largest investments a PMU artist will make. So, if you already have a PMU machine that is working well, it is imperative that the needles you buy fit your machine. Although PMU needle cartridges are somewhat universal, each brand of PMU syringe may fit your machine slightly differently.

You don't need to invest in a new machine to use our PMU needle cartridges.

Charming Tattoo PMU cartridges are universally compatible with most PMU machines, including the most popular and trusted brands.

What is the Construction and Material Quality of the PMU Needle Cartridges?

For safety and precision, an excellent PMU cartridge needle will be very sharp, made of high-quality steel, and free from bends and flaws. The needles should be firmly seated in the PMU cartridge, evenly aligned, and well welded. Additionally, the exterior of the PMU cartridge should be made of a friction-reducing material. These factors will ensure that the ink is evenly distributed and you will get perfect results.

Do You Prefer an Open or Closed Tip PMU Cartridge?

Personal preference and the type of permanent makeup application will determine the type of tip you choose for your PMU syringe. While open tips may be easier to clean and wipe down when changing PMU paint colors, they are not the most stable choice. A closed tip that surrounds the needle provides greater stability. Closed-tip PMU needle cartridges also hold more and provide a more consistent flow.

After working with many experienced permanent makeup artists, we determined that artists prefer the added stability of closed-tip PMU cartridges. While it may take a little more effort to clean up between color changes, the amazing results make a little effort worth it!

Can Your PMU Needle Cartridges Prevent Backflow?

PMU needle cartridges are designed to hold small amounts of PMU pigment. However, sometimes the pigment will flow back into the machine when the machine vibrates. When there is nothing to stop the ink from flowing back into the machine, it can lead to cross-contamination between customers. This increases the risk of your client becoming infected or spreading diseases including hepatitis and HIV.

To prevent this, good PMU cartridges will have a mechanism to prevent backflow. This usually comes in the form of a small rubber barrier that acts as a seal between the cartridge and the device. For your peace of mind, test your PMU cartridge for backflow by putting a little water in the cartridge, then press the stem down on a paper towel. After doing this, there should be no water on the paper towel. At Charming Tattoo, we take pride in the security that PMU artists and their clients provide. You can rest assured that our backflow preventers will keep your customers safe from cross-contamination and keep your machines running at their best!

The above introduces the precautions for choosing the best PMU syringe. If you want to buy a PMU machine set, please contact us.

Charming Tattoo is a professional custom permanent makeup tools and ink manufacturer. Our R&D engineers have 20 years of experience in developing permanent makeup inks and micro-scratch pigments. We have professional production equipment and a 100,000-class dust-free workshop that meets ISO9001 standards. We provide professional product, packaging, post-design, and professional pigment knowledge support. In order to achieve a win-win situation, our company has formulated a policy to protect customer privacy.
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