Types of Microblading Pens and Other Accessories

Types of Microblading Pens and Other Accessories


Microblading and eyebrow tattoo pens are new techniques used by aesthetic artists to give your brows a new/different shape. Read on to learn more about microblading pens and other accessories.

Types of Microblading Pens and Other Accessories
Microblading Pens
Do you have thin or light eyebrows? Thick and dark brows are back in fashion, and people are trying different ways to achieve it. We know how hard it is to grow eyebrows. Some people complain about having thick eyebrows, while others feel bad about not having natural brows.

Are you in the second category? Do you want beautiful thick natural brows to complement your facial features?

Microblading and eyebrow tattoo pens are new techniques used by aesthetic artists to give your brows a new/different shape. Read on to learn more about microblading pens and other accessories.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic tattoo procedure that fills in fine eyebrow hairs, making them fuller and darker. This is a semi-permanent method and the effects can last up to 3 years. Microblading is usually done using a pen-like hand tool with a needle attached to the end.

The initial process takes about a few hours. You can start seeing results right away. However, you need 1 more sitting to get perfect brows and touch-up color.

One thing you should pay attention to is the expertise of the person who trims your brows. It is not without risks and infection may result if poor-quality tools, needles, or colors are used.

Sounds a lot like a permanent tattoo, doesn't it? But there is a difference between the two.

The Difference Between Microblading and Permanent Tattoos

The first difference between the two is that tattoos are permanent. Microblading results last about 2-3 years at most.

The ink in microblading only goes into one layer of your skin, whereas in a permanent tattoo, the ink goes down 5-6 layers, which is why it is a more permanent procedure.

The color will not change in microblading. They do brighten but not another color. For example, your dark eyebrows won't turn brown in a few months.

While permanent tattoos look more artificial, micro blading draws in the hair like brushstrokes, giving it a more natural effect.

The main difference between microblading and permanent tattooing is that micro blading eyebrows are painted by hand. There is less pressure in the microblading, thus preventing color loss over time.

Why Microblading Is a Better Option than Daily Makeup and Brow Shaping?

Microblading is the first choice in Western countries. The fact that it's neither permanent nor entirely temporary (lasting a day or less) has led to microblading becoming popular among women.

Microblading is better and more effective than daily shaving and makeup for fuller brow results.

- Looks Natural and Realistic: Microblading does not look like makeup. The process involves mimicking the natural brow shape by drawing thin lines that resemble hair.

- Done by an expert: An expert performs the micro blading. Even if you're an expert in makeup, it's not always possible to get it right, especially if you're in a hurry.

- Compare long-term results: what do you do when you don't have time for makeup? Microblading requires no daily touch-ups. You just need to take the necessary precautions in the initial stages.

- Waterproof: Unlike cosmetics, microblading will not be washed away by water. You cannot remove it with makeup remover. People see you with a frown every time.

Tools Used in Microblading

Microblading is a skill that takes practice and the right equipment. Every micro-blading expert needs to have the following tools in their tool kit.

During the shaping process, an artist will use a blade to remove excess and create your perfect shape. A microblading tool is a pen-like instrument with an ultra-fine tip on one end. This technique uses a needle to make a slight incision in the skin and fill in the upper layer of pigment. These create a hair-like effect on the brows, leaving your brows looking naturally full.

Pigments are different from inks used in permanent tattoos. These paints are available in a variety of colors, from white to brown and black. A specialist will use and mix different colors to give your brows a natural and true look.

Anesthetics and Healing Serums

Microblading involves making an incision in the skin. If safety precautions are not taken, it can lead to infection and cause skin damage. It involves numbing the brow area to reduce pain during the procedure and the mandatory application of an antiseptic serum after the procedure.


Before filling in the brows, it is necessary to draw precise lines. The shape of your eyebrows can change the overall look of your face. Microblading specialists use a ruler and measuring tool to mark brow hairs and shape them. Correction sticks and saline creams are used to correct minor errors that may occur during surgery.

Needle Types Used in Microblades of Different Appearances

The microblading procedure may be the same, but that doesn't mean experts use the same blades and needles for everyone. The type of needle will vary depending on the shape of your brows you want and your skin type. Let's see what needles are on the market.

Curved Flat or Round Flat Blades

These needles do most of the work in the micro blades. Each needle is called a needle. You can get blades with different numbers of pins. A specialist will determine this based on the stroke length of the brow effect.

Each needle/needle in this blade touches the skin simultaneously. The curved shape helps give your brows a natural look. Beginners use a softer blade because it is easier to handle.


The blade is U-shaped, with the needles at the ends shorter than the middle needle. Blades come in different sizes depending on the thickness of your brows.

The U-shaped blade helps fill in the area around the nose. These strokes are called thick strokes. Experienced artists use these because it's easy to make mistakes if you're not careful.

Flat Shader

As the name suggests, flat shaders have needles of the same size and length. It is used for contouring and filling in narrow areas of eyebrows. Shaders are available in single and double rows, which are great for creating gradient effects.

Circle Shader

Needles of the same length are bundled together. This shader is used to fill and increase the density of the color. It also easily fills in brows faster and gives better coverage. Circle shaders also come in different sizes. Fewer pins are used for thinner brows and vice versa.

Flexible/Soft and Hard Base

Needles are secured to soft or hard bases. Since microblading involves disrupting the skin to penetrate the epidermal layers, you must choose your instrument carefully. Why?

The first reason is that each skin has a different thickness. Some people are born with thinner skin. Age is another factor. As you age, your skin loses its elasticity and becomes thinner.

The skill and expertise of the microblading specialist also need to be considered. The flexible base is made of plastic. The base flexes and prevents the cut from getting too deep or depositing too much paint.

A hard base made of aluminum is the opposite of a flexible base. These are more suitable for people with oily and thicker skin. The rigid base is also great for detailing. That said, every microblading artist should have both hard and soft soles in their kit.

Blade Length

Smaller blades are for tiny details and larger blades are for brush strokes. Each blade comes with a different number of pins:

- 7-9 stitches for short fine strokes and touch-ups

- 10-13 needles for medium-length strokes, for each

- 14-17 needles for outlining, filling, and longer hair strokes

- 18-21 needles for longest strokes and for specialist use only


Nanoblades are used in machine microblading to create tiny brows that you can't do manually. These come in different blade lengths and shapes.

In Conclusion

As mentioned above, shaders can have single or double rows. A double row of shaders helps to achieve a uniform effect and structure the brows. If you want to purchase micro blading pens and other microblading tools, please contact us.

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