Four Tips For Choosing The Right Tattoo Machine For You

Four Tips For Choosing The Right Tattoo Machine For You


Any good artist knows the importance of using the right tools for the job, and keeping these four basic things in mind will help you make the best choice.

Four Tips For Choosing The Right Tattoo Machine For You
Any good artist knows the importance of using the right tools for the job. Painters who like to create watercolor landscapes use different brushes than oil portrait painters, and the same goes for tattoos. Different machines, tattoos are different. Keep these four basic things in mind to help you make the best choice.

1) Research tattoo machine materials

The last thing you want is for your tattoo machine to risk breaking off and damaging your client's skin (and your reputation) during the tattoo. Therefore you need a reliable tattoo machine that is guaranteed to work properly. For this reason, you will find that the best tattoo machines are made of iron, steel, brass, bronze, or aluminum. Their sturdy metal frame ensures a sturdy tattoo machine and you'll spend less time setting up the machine and more time tattooing.

2) Choose the type of tattoo machine that suits you

Coil Tattoo Gun

In the past, the traditional coil machine was the industry standard and was called "the best tattoo machine" by tattooists due to its simple electromagnetic design, easily replaceable parts, relatively low cost, and ability to handle all types of tattoo needles liners and shadow. And in most cases, tattooists can maintain and adjust their tattoo machines with just a few simple tools.

For many tattoo artists who appreciate bold lines, the ability to repair and tinker with a tattoo machine makes them "loyal to the coil." If you love building things and want to customize every aspect of your own machine, from armature rods to O-rings, to springs, and everything in between, this might be the type of tattoo machine for you.

Spinning Tattoo Gun

In the past, rotary tattoo machines were only known for handling smaller sets of tattoo needles, but recent developments mean this is no longer the case. More and more tattoo machine manufacturers offer pen-style rotary machines that are more ergonomic, lighter, and can handle bold lines.

While these machines don't allow for tinkering (their warranty may be void if the artist opens the case to look at the motor), some newer models do allow for tweaking. They also tend to be more expensive, running two to three times as expensive as coil machines.

Wireless Tattoo Gun

With advances in battery technology, wireless tattoo machines have not only become a viable option for tattoo artists, they've also become extremely popular. Many artists find that the wires from the clip and foot pedal get in the way of tattoos and become a hindrance to the execution of the desired tattoo design, often creating a frustrating experience for the artist.

So you can imagine how liberating it would be for a tattoo artist to be able to apply ink to a customer's skin without any physical wires getting in the way or tangling. Cordless tattoo guns have come so far these days that they are as functional as traditional wired machines and can last for hours for long tattoos.

3) Choose a tattoo machine that fits your budget

Tattoo machines can range in price from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars or more. How much you should pay for a tattoo machine depends on the type you choose or need to buy and the brand of gun you choose.

From there, the cost will increase or decrease depending on whether you need all the accessories and supplies to start or just the standalone gun. Accessories and supplies you'll need include tattoo ink, tubes, needles or cartridges, foot pedals, clip cords, and power or battery packs. Many of these supplies will be recurring costs, especially for supplies like ink or sanitizing supplies (such as wire grip covers and machine bags) to keep your equipment and space as clean and safe as possible for your customers.

4) Check your tattoo supplies

Unboxing your first tattoo machine can be exhilarating, but it can quickly become disappointing if you forget to buy supplies or pick something that doesn't work with your new tattoo gun. Not all power supplies and all tattoo needles are the same, so make sure you have the right accessories and supplies for the right tattoo machine.

Tattoo machines require more voltage as you increase the coil winding or needle set size, so machines with inconsistent or underpowered machines will have difficulty piercing the skin with the needles resulting in poor tattoo execution, so getting proper power is an important factor.

Some machines require tattoo needles or barrels and handle from the same company, and some are interchangeable. Some machines use needles and tubes, some use handles and cartridges. Some machines require a separate power supply, while others require a built-in battery. Also, note if your machine has an RCA power connector or requires clipping.

Be sure to read the manual that came with your tattoo machine and watch the corresponding instructional video so you can choose the consumables that are of good quality and will work with your machine.

Whether you're buying your first tattoo machine or are hesitating, having a good tattoo machine will make it easier for you to create stunning tattoos on your clients' skin. I hope the above knowledge can help you choose the right tattoo machine for you, and you can contact us if you have any questions.

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