How to Maintain a Tattoo Machine?

How to Maintain a Tattoo Machine?


The wear and tear of tattoo machines are inevitable. Every use puts stress on tattoo machines, which ultimately leads to their shorter lifespan. Tattoo machine maintenance is a very important thing, so let's take a look at the specific precautions.

How to Maintain a Tattoo Machine?
The wear and tear of tattoo machines are inevitable. Every use puts stress on tattoo machines, which ultimately leads to their shorter lifespan. While many tattoo studios will have multiple machines at their disposal, it's likely that tattoo artists have a particular machine they like. This tattoo machine may have been fine-tuned after purchase, adjusting its mechanism to perfectly suit its technique and style. Since artists use their favorite machines time and time again, it's no surprise that tattoo machines can take quite a bit of work.

If a tattoo machine is poorly maintained, it will not only stop functioning effectively. It will also leave a bad impression on the guests. The safety of the client is paramount throughout the tattooing process. This critical matter is also not only considered on the day the client gets tattooed, most of the preparation is done before the needle touches the skin to ensure the client's safety. Tattoo machine maintenance is a big part of that, so let's take a look at some key areas to focus on.

Know what wear and tear looks like
Signs of wear and tear are difficult to spot and are often hidden in the nooks and crannies of tattoo machine mechanisms. This is where tattoo artists mainly pay more attention. Tattoo artists should pay more attention to whether the working state of the tattoo machine is normal in their usual use. Once they find that they start to move slowly or are different from usual, they need to check as soon as possible or contact a professional for maintenance.

Keep things going
Rust is every tattoo machine's nightmare. This unwanted rust can show up on any tattoo machine by all means and can really hinder its performance. Rust can often attack vulnerable areas of the tattoo machine, such as the springs and armature rods, causing them to vibrate and stiffen. Applying the proper lubricant to the tattoo machine can prevent rust. By releasing the movement of the mechanism, the tattoo machine will be ready and able to perform the job like new.

Invest in the best cleaning equipment
Cleaning is an important part of any tattoo machine maintenance routine. The potential health risks of tattoos are no secret, and it only becomes a risk when proper safety measures are ignored. While sitting in the chair, the client puts their health and personal safety in the hands of the studio and the artist. There is a lot of trusts involved here, so it is this leap of faith that makes hygiene such a step not to be taken lightly, in addition to the many potential risks.

Using high-quality cleaning equipment is an important factor in ensuring that the tattoo machine, as well as the entire studio, is sanitized and ready to use. Hospital-grade sanitizer is a must; this cleaning product is second to none and presents no health risks when used properly. Ultrasonic cleaners are the next step in ensuring that many parts of the tattoo machine are safe to use. This particular machine has some very useful applications, such as helping to remove ink residue from tubes before manual cleaning, allowing for a more thorough cleaning. The autoclave is another invaluable tool that provides extra assurance that the parts of the tattoo machine are fully sterilized.

Learn about a range of fixes
Not only hygiene is an important consideration when it comes to tattoo machine maintenance. Every machine has so many elements and parts that every one of them is essential. Carbon buildup is just one of the common causes of poor performance. Carbon deposits can be annoying, but they're not death sentences for tattoo machines. This problem can be removed with some simple cleaners to remove the buildup, but always remember to clean the dirt off the machine afterward. Broken power cords for machines are also nothing new. A broken wire can cause the program to stop suddenly, so it is wise to have a spare power cord on hand to be able to continue using the machine without any further delays. Tubes and tips are heavily used as key parts of tattoo machines, which means they can quickly show signs of stress in the form of grooves. These grooves are caused by repeated rubbing of the needle, a clear indication that some maintenance is required;

If you are disassembling your machine, do it correct
For some meticulous maintenance, it may be necessary to disassemble the tattoo machine. However, this is a process that requires vigilance. Before fiddling with any elements of a tattoo machine, it's important to gain a deep understanding of how all the parts of the machine fit together. Here, the organization is key; this more intensive maintenance is possible through a careful study by the tattoo machine manufacturer and machine manuals. This maintenance can be daunting, but it is imperative to ensure that the tattoo machine continues to function as the artist intended without any failures.

These 5 important tips for tattoo machine maintenance are a powerful starting point for maintaining machine performance. While keeping each machine in perfect working order is critical to ease of use for artists, it is also a safety concern. We are a permanent makeup tools manufacturer with 20 years of production experience. to help you follow this guide and improve the performance of your tattoo machine. If necessary, please contact us.

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