Eyebrow Mapping and Its Benefits to Your Overall Look

Eyebrow Mapping and Its Benefits to Your Overall Look


Eyebrow mapping is taking the world by storm as one of the emerging beauty trends. So, here's a quick overview of what to expect and what you should know if you're thinking of trying the process.

Eyebrow Mapping and Its Benefits to Your Overall Look
Brow mapping is taking the world by storm as one of the emerging beauty trends that even celebrities are embracing. So, here's a quick overview of what to expect and what you should know if you're thinking of trying the process.

What is Eyebrow Mapping?

Eyebrow mapping utilizes a three-step customization technique to find the right eyebrow shape for a person's face. With the help of brow mapping tools, you can take exciting shapes, beauty trends, and emerging styles to make something completely unique to a person but with purpose. Additionally, brow mapping helps individuals achieve symmetry and balance.

What Are the Benefits of Eyebrow Mapping?

Young Look

Do you know how big is the anti-aging secret of eyebrow shaping? If you want to draw just the right amount of attention to your radiant face, brow treatments are for you. If you ask why? Because a pair of elegant eyebrows will make your eyes look more sultry and make your face look younger.

Frames the Eyes

Speaking of eyes, the right brows can enhance and revitalize your look. But, as a warning, there's no perfect shape for eyebrows. All you have to do is examine your face and evaluate what works best. If you don't know what will complement your face shape, you may need a professional's advice.

Completes your Overall Look

While no beauty bible requires every woman to maintain herself on a regular basis, unkempt brows can appear bushy. If you want to look elegant and sophisticated, well-maintained eyebrows will definitely take your look to the next level.

Balances the Face

No one is gifted with perfect and asymmetrical faces. However, everyone aspires to own one. To create this illusion, a set of symmetrical brows will help. When your brows are unbalanced, it either makes your eyes appear larger on one side and unbalanced on the other. This is not pleasing to the eye.

Correction of Facial Defects

There are some facial features that we cannot correct or completely change (perhaps with corrective surgery, of course). However, making small adjustments to the shape of your brows can more closely match and define your face shape.

Change the Shape of Your Face

Some of us may want to experiment with changing our appearance by trying out new fashion trends. If you want to experiment with changing the shape of your face, different brow shapes can do the trick. For example, a woman with a long face can choose a flattering flat brow shape for someone with a short, balanced face.

What Factors Do Brow Mapping Professionals Consider?

Professional microblading artists use many tools to define brows. If you're a certified microblading artist, you'll find yourself familiar with different colored pencils and rulers of different sizes, lengths, and kinds.

However, excessive use of pencils and rulers can result in brows that are too flat. In this case, it looks unnatural and stamp-like. Professional microblading artists use a pencil and ruler as a guide, taking into account factors such as face shape, brow width, brow line, brow arch position, and natural brow growth.

Hair Grows Naturally

Different people have different hair growth rates. A professional microblading artist takes into account hair texture, direction, and growth rate. Once evaluated, this will determine the necessary treatment and appropriate brow drawing procedure to be performed by the specialist.

Face Shape

As beauty experts say, your face shape doesn't just determine which hairstyle is best for you. It also determines which brow shape will suit your face shape. People with round faces will prefer higher arches as it creates the illusion of length. For people with longer faces, a minimal arch can be done on the brows.


When mapping eyebrows, microblading specialists must follow a person's natural brow line. The brow line is the bony or ridge that sits just below the brow above the eyelid.

Brow Width

Certain areas of the brow do not require touch-ups. This is your brow. To avoid compromise, never try anything crazy in this section. Also, the brow must be aligned with one side of the nostril.

Arch Placement

In order to determine the natural arch position, you must look at the angle of the highest point of the brow.


When it comes to symmetry, this is where the prowess of the microblading artist has to shine. At this point, the specialist will make sure to check that the brows are enhanced or at least complement the person's face.

How Does Eyebrow Mapping Work?

After your initial consultation and first treatment, you will need to do regular maintenance on yourself every three to four weeks.

If you are a microblading artist or someone who wants to dedicate your career to the art of microblading, learning the basics like eyebrow drawing is a must.

Whenever you need tools and equipment to get started, Charming Tattoo can help. Feel free to contact us to learn more about eyebrow drawing tools.

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