Which Microblading Pigments Should You Use?

Which Microblading Pigments Should You Use?


While we all know Microblading is the answer to our woes, Microblading pigments are the real secret ingredient to perfect brows. Which Microblading Pigments Should You Use? Read on to learn more.

Which Microblading Pigments Should You Use?
Microblading pigments
Microblading is a problem solver for those with sparse, pencil-thin, or narrow brows. This is the most intricate way to get the natural brows everyone wants. Imagine waking up every morning with flawless, smudge-free, waterproof brows. That's the beauty of microplastic surgery! 

It's a complete brow makeover process that takes just a few hours and lasts for years! If you're not already familiar with the technique, microblading is a semi-permanent brow technique that's rapidly gaining popularity and popularity right now. Thanks to microblading, we no longer have to spend long hours on our daily makeup.

While we all know Microblading is the answer to our woes, Microblading pigments are the real secret ingredient to perfect brows. Microblading is the best way to add pigment to the skin using microblading. If you're not already familiar, pigments play one of the most important roles in the overall microblading process. Microblading Pigmentation is a microblading process that creates brushes stably by needling and delivering color in the pores. These brushstrokes look as vivid as the original hair. Eyebrow tattoos use tattoo ink, while microblading uses specialized pigments. Instead of giving you a patch of color like a tattoo, you use your hands to make fine strokes to create the illusion of real hair.

The way the pigment fades over time is very different compared to tattoo ink, which often takes on a blue-green hue. Microblading uses organic pigments that fade naturally as if your brows had never been done, thus, it allows redesigning of brows based on current facial features as the human face may change due to aging. Pigments are carefully selected to match your eye color and skin tone. Choosing the right color will make you look younger and brighter. Knowing which paint you should be using is absolutely necessary and important.

Color is a science, but when the pigmentation is deposited under the skin, it changes according to the human skin type, and the color becomes an art. When choosing the type of paint to use, there are certain things you need to know.

How Do You Match Your Desired Brow or Pigment Color with Your Eye Color and Skin Tone?

This is the most critical part because different people metabolize pigments differently. Choosing pigments for gold is very difficult. You'll want to choose pigments that match your hair color, eye color, and skin tone, whether warm or cool. If your client wants blonde brows, you can choose any of the following colors. Typical cool colors include taupe, pearl, and natural gold, and warm colors include caramel, beige, gold, and strawberry gold. Green or blue eyes work best with cool-toned blondes. However, if your client has hazel or brown hair, warm blonde hair will make your client look younger and more vibrant.

Another important part of choosing the right pigment color for brows is the undertone of your skin. If your client has yellow undertones, use cool-toned paint. If your client has a lot of blue in their skin, use warmer tones.

Hyperpigmentation Can Happen - Here's How to Prevent It.

This is something you should not worry about as it happens from time to time. Using the best Microblading pain relievers and sunscreen after your brows have healed can help with hyperpigmentation.

One of the trickiest jobs is matching the paint color to eye color and skin tone. There is a huge range of colors to choose from, so you have the freedom to choose and create the best mixture to serve each client. Since every client's skin type is different, the guidelines above can help you choose and match the pigments that you think will be best for your client.

In this blog, we describe in detail how to choose the ideal microblading pigment based on skin type and eye color. To purchase Microblading pigments, please contact us.

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Lushcolor 12ML Top Micro Pale Flesh Permanent Makeup Pigment
For skin white customers.Mainly used for postoperative change color,cover the stretch,can play the role of neutral colors.
Lushcolor Eyebrow Tattoo Microblading Natural Deep Brown Permanent Makeup Pigment
Dark brown, similar with our Asian natural hair color, suitable for older, skin colour and hair colour deeper customer use.
Lushcolor Easy Coloring Cool Ash Brown Waterproof Permanent Makeup Micro Pigment
Cool gray color for young age, skin white and gray hair group of customers, adjust the color depth of other degrees
Eyeliner Tattoo Ink Semi-cream Warm Black Lushcolor Permanent Makeup Pigments
Background colour is deep black. It's intensely black. No smudge through out treatment or after treatment