PINK CRYSTAL Universal Cartridge/Needle
PINK CRYSTAL Universal Cartridge/Needle
PINK CRYSTAL Universal Cartridge/Needle
PINK CRYSTAL Universal Cartridge/Needle
PINK CRYSTAL Universal Cartridge/Needle

Item specifics

YD (YiDi)
Anti back flow universal needle
15 pound silicone spring, Medium Tension
5 grams/piece
10 pieces/box
Disinfection standard
eyebrows, eyes, lips, small tattoos
Usage restrictions
one-time use
Storage period
3 years
Storage conditions
cool, dark, dry



YD PINK CRYSTAL Universal Cartridge/Needle
1. * * Pushrod**
1) The push rod is designed as a square to prevent the needle from rotating during use. 2) The gap between the top rod and the push rod should be controlled within 50 threads to maintain the stability of the needle. 3) The push rod is equipped with a breathable card slot to avoid wear and tear caused by prolonged use of heat.
2. * * Spring**
Using a 15 pound silicone spring, the instrument wears out significantly when the spring hardness is too high, and requires a high-power motor to start. The 15 pound spring has moderate hardness and is easy to open the skin with minimal damage to the instrument.
3. * * Air window**
The water droplet shaped air window can effectively control the ink volume and store more ink. Small windows are not easy to enter dust and impurities, and will not cause secondary pollution due to jamming.
4. * * Ink storage bag**
Enlarge the ink storage bag to increase the ink storage capacity by 20% compared to regular needles. One dip of ink allows uninterrupted operation of 1/4 of the practice skin.
5. * * Needle nozzle incision**
The color of the needle is smoother, and the color is evenly distributed without inkjet. The incision can observe the needle's insertion into the skin to avoid excessive operation.
6. * * Needle thread**
Made of 306 stainless steel medical needle wire, with moderate hardness and rust resistance, meeting medical grade standards. Except for the long taper, the taper of the needle thread is all 5 degrees, which is easy to break the skin and the needle tip is not easy to deform and produce barbs (barb scraping can cause large skin damage and is not conducive to color retention).
7. * * Beautiful appearance**
The new needle adopts a pink design, with a clear and crystal like appearance, fully meeting women's aesthetic standards. This exterior design is not only pleasant, but also makes users feel more pleasant and confident during operation.
8. * * Blister packaging**
Adopting a humanized design for blister packaging. The packaging is equipped with an easy to tear OPEN position to avoid awkward packaging tearing and ensure that users can easily open the packaging and use the needle.
9. * * High precision**
After precise manufacturing processes, each component has excellent sealing performance. This means that during use, various parts of the needle are not easily loose or loose, ensuring the stability and reliability of the needle.