What Are The Best Lip Pigments?

What Are The Best Lip Pigments?


A lipstick artist's kit needs to include a range of colors to ensure they are suitable for different people. We recommend that all artists consider the following factors when selecting paints.

What Are The Best Lip Pigments?
Similar to brow powder collections, lipstick artists need to include a range of colors in their kits to ensure they have shades for every skin tone and color preference.

Once they get to work, most lip stylists will find that they have specific shades in their kits that are very popular with clients. Experienced artists who offer lip-neutralizing treatments will need a touch-up and corrective lip pigments as well as standard lip pigments in their kit.

As with any treatment, when you're trying a new paint we always recommend practicing on latex first to get a feel for the paint and how it works with your technique. At Charming Tattoo, we even offer eye and lip contour pads that allow you to try new pigments on a more realistic lip shape.

What to Consider when Choosing a lip Paint?

As mentioned above, we have covered this subject in detail, and we recommend that all artists consider the following factors when choosing paints:

Fully tested and approved

Paint tinting and modification

Organic and inorganic

Many lip glosses come in organic or hybrid formulas designed to deliver a high color payoff on the lips. However, due to the intensity of the color, bright colors such as organic red or burgundy are recommended only by experienced technicians.

When using organic pigments, artists tend to use lighter colors to avoid oversaturating the lips. You might also want to check that the pigments they use contain titanium dioxide - as this is also only recommended for experienced artists.

For starters, we always recommend investing in a paint set in a range of colors, offering a variety of options for clients with warm, cool and neutral undertones. Investing in a mix of very neutral and bolder lip colors means you have enough options to suit every client's preferences.

At Charming Tattoo, we also stock many individual paints in kits, which means you can easily repurchase more popular shades individually when they run out, without having to wait to buy a whole new paint kit.

The above briefly introduces some basic contents of lip pigments. If you want to buy permanent makeup pigments, please contact us.

Charming Tattoo is a professional custom PMU and microblade pigment manufacturer. Our R&D engineers have 20 years of experience in developing permanent makeup ink and microblade pigments. We have professional production equipment and a 100,000-class dust-free workshop that meets ISO9001 standards. We provide a professional product, packaging, post-design, and professional pigment knowledge support.
Lushcolor Best Healed Perfection Nude Kiss Me Lip Blush Microblading Pigment
Background colour is pale rose pink,suitable for 20-30-skinned female,creating a charming and lovely lips preferred.
Lushcolor New PMU Microblading Pigment Natural Pink Lip Gloss Tattoo Ink
Background colour is glow pink, suitable for young and white skin people, can do the areola
Lushcolor Top Sales Microblading Semi Cream Natural Nude C2 For Lips Blushing
Backgroud colour is a cool nude red. Natural makeup look, this color feels comfortable on the lips
Lushcolor 12ml Semi Cream Oil Based Tattoo Ink Microblading Nude C3 Pigment For Lips Private Label
Backgroud colour is a sheer nude pink, suitable for young ladies, offering a gorgeous look.