What's in Your Microblading Pigments?

What's in Your Microblading Pigments?


Microblading is a semi-permanent solution that involves injecting pigment into the skin. But do you know what's in microblading pigments? Read on to learn more.

What's in Your Microblading Pigments?
microblading pigments
Our brows are an important part of our face. In addition to protecting our eyes from dust, dirt, and sweat, our brows are also important for emotional expression. They also structure our faces and aid in facial recognition. But not everyone is lucky enough to have well-defined, natural brows. This is why microblading has quickly become a need in beauty care.

Microblading is a semi-permanent solution that involves injecting pigment into the skin. Therefore, it should only be done by trained professionals who know the quality of their products, especially the microblading pigments used. In addition, manufacturers should demonstrate that their formulations are safe for use.

What Are Pigments Made Of?

Microbladed pigments are made from colorants and carriers. Colorants are substances that give pigments their color. Carriers are usually inactive ingredients and are the delivery agents that help the color apply to the skin. The carrier can be glycerin, alcohol, witch hazel, etc.

But today, low-quality pigments flood the market. These pigments contain metals or compounds such as titanium dioxide or iron oxide. Manufacturers often mix them together to keep costs down. But it's a big health risk for consumers. There may be adverse reactions or harmful long-term effects for those microblading with these questionable pigments.

Know Your Pigments

Whether you are someone who has had the procedure or is currently having it, make sure you are informed about microblading pigments. However, information may be very limited or rarely shared. This makes it difficult for clients and beauticians alike to make informed decisions when choosing pigments.

Still, it's not uncommon for agencies like the FDA to issue safety warnings about cosmetic products. This includes microblading pigments. Some of these may be due to contamination or contain ingredients that cause harmful reactions and should be avoided. So it's best to heed the warnings and learn as much as possible about the pigment you'll be using.

Microblading Pigment Manufacturing Process

1. Selection of raw materials: Select high-quality pigment raw materials, including organic pigments, inorganic pigments, powder, and liquid pigments, etc.

2. Formula design: According to different customer needs and skin types, design a suitable formula and determine parameters such as color and concentration.

3. Material preparation: Mix the raw materials according to a certain ratio, add materials such as solvent and humectant, and fully mix and stir.

4. Disinfection treatment: Disinfect the mixed pigments to ensure their safety and hygienic standards.

5. Packaging and packaging: Packaging and packaging of the sterilized pigments to ensure long-term storage and use.

Get Microblading Pigments from Charming Tattoo

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Lushcolor Change Gray Blue Brows Permanent Makeup Microblading Tattoo Cream Pigments
Warm tone, suitable for brows with bluish and grayish brows.
Lushcolor Cream Skin Mixing Color Microblading Tattoo Permanent Makeup Pigments
A colorless, used to adjust the darkness of other colors, suitable for brow and lip coverage
Lushcolor 12ML Top Micro Pale Flesh Permanent Makeup Pigment
For skin white customers.Mainly used for postoperative change color,cover the stretch,can play the role of neutral colors.
Lushcolor Natural Microblading Light Ash Brown Permanent Makeup Oil Based Pigment
Suitable for fair complexions, age with younger customers, for permanent makeup base, make the eyebrows more natural, solid.